Dear timeline.
I've an oriented graph in graphviz dot format. I want to extract the path(s) between two nodes. Which tool should I use? Djikstra give me some clues but I guess something should be more efficient, maybe gvpr but learning curve looks like harsh.

@gduchaussois not sure I understand what you want... Djikstra gives you one (the shortest) path but you want all the paths (there can be an infinite number of paths if you don’t restrict your rules)?

@immae even if I can get one then another it's fine. The goal is to eliminate dependencies in terraform module using the dot file generated by terraform --graph

@gduchaussois supports graphviz format as import and can list you all the shortest paths (I assume it means "without cycle") between two dots, would that suit you?

@immae I never managed to make it read y dot file, but I converted to gml using gv2gml and piping through sed -e 's/\["/[/' -e 's/"\]/]/' I managed t import it with networkx and use all_simple_paths algorithm. Thanks a lot

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