I have updated befunsvge.cleverapps.io to be a bit more user-friendly (to a point, it's still very esoteric)

But at least there's a language reference near the input.

@clementd I understood (probably not completely, as I don’t understand what’s below the input) what it does but I have no idea what it’s supposed to achieve

@immae it generates SVG by running programs written in a stack-based language with a fun execution model: the execution pointer moves over a 2d map of instructions: the program itself

@clementd ahh the flow direction is the direction for reading the program? I didn’t get that

@immae yes, execution starts top left, going right, and then commands are read one at a time. Some commands manipulate the stack, some alter the pointer direction. Some output SVG elements. All combined, it's a convoluted way to generate SVGs. The perlin inputs provide a way to configure a noise generator, which is more suitable than pure randomness for fancy results.

@clementd yes the stack part and the torus I got it (first things I "tested" 😁), I just wrote it linear as any sane programmer would do 😛

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