Fediverse / mastodon 

Fediverse / mastodon 

@RGrunblatt alright, that makes sense. I'll start by using a custom handler pointing to this account, and self-host when I have time.

@clementd @RGrunblatt Wait this cannot work due to the other comment I made: if you "alias" it to, say, the server behind mastodon.social then people will all get @mastodon.social in their database and not the one you gave them. (it’s a double query, delafargue.name/.well-known/... will give an url linking to mastodon.social/.well-known/... and that url will en the one that the target will keep in their database, and it will never be something with your domain)

@immae @RGrunblatt yeah for now i'm ok with keeping my instance-specific handle, but with the ability to share a personal one, even though it's immediately resolved to the more specific one.


@clementd @RGrunblatt alright, as long as you know the implications 👍 (solving this issue is in my todo list, I will probably not propose a serious mastodon sevice until I find a way to do that part correctly)

@immae @RGrunblatt yeah, i see it as a vanity short URL for now. Mastodon has ongoing work for supporting custom domains on generic instances as well, I'm waiting to see where it goes.

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