Tech 2023 for me:
- nix flakes all the thinks -o/
- from `Makefile` to `just`
- `hurl` for API testing (
- `colmena` for deployment and machine management (including my workstations) (
- finally used `pipes` (haskell lib for streaming) and it is indeed an amazing piece of software
- finally dived into purescript to write a binding of a React lib (
- probably other things I missed

And you? your highlights of 2023?

@ptitfred to follow your example, 2023 was for me the year to switch to shiner cli tools I was aware of but hesitant to switch to:
* rg and discovered its wonderful json output
* bat
* sd and its simplicity
* Helix, after more than 23 years of vim
* fzf
* forgit
* Openobserve to replace graylog and es
Also improved a lot my terraform skills and started to type every variables.
Too much kubernetes
Not enough rust or nix though. Failed to find time and energy to start freelance missions.

@ptitfred it's not really polished but work as expected without hassles with a decent interface and API. I know @immae didn't like it


@gduchaussois @ptitfred I remember that I decided it was not suitable for me but I don’t remember why though

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